If you are to create a website, you will need a domain name. This will enable the internet to connect users to your site whenever they type in your domain name in the address box. This process can only be done with the help of DNS, which is like a phone book for the Internet.

Prior to creating additional DNS Records, you first need to know what DNS is and how it works. Let us take a closer look at the domain name as well as the different mechanics that involve zone files, DNS resolution, and the different DNS records.

Domain Names

This is what most people know of but a domain name can further be analyzed if you read it from left to right. The right most part will be the main classification and as you go towards the left, the more specific it will become. Many of the domain names end with a “.com” this just tells you that the top-level domain is “.com”. The next classification will follow until it becomes very specific.

Name Servers

Name servers are also very important in making sure that the internet will be able to find your site and the information it needs. A zone file is a text file that shows the information about the said domain. They can also be called Servers of Authority and it is possible to host the DNS information through your own DNS server, a third party DNS hosting, a registrar of your own or using free name servers.

DNS Records and Zone Files

Specifying DNS records is a step you should do in order for the domain name to match with the IP addresses. Automatically, the DNS records will be grouped together into different zone files, which makes it easier for the internet to correctly find the right IP address for the domain you have. The zone file of the domain always contains the email address of the administrator, the name servers as well as the DNS records. Aside from this, you can create more DNS records for the different subdomains that you have.

DNS Lookup Process

The DNS works when the domain name is translated into an IP address. Domain names are those that are easily memorized by people and IP addresses are a bunch of numbers that corresponds to a specific site. This process is very quick but it really takes a lot of steps for you to be able to see the working website.

The DNS lookup process won’t be able to happen if you haven’t created your DNS record or if you just created it because it can take as much as 24 hours for the internet to be able to apply necessary changes to it. Once your record is successfully added, you and other users can get to your site by simply typing in the domain name of your website on the address bar. Remember that you have to be patient about this and maybe just sleep it off so that when you wake up the next day you will be able to see and navigate through your site.

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