Before became so popular with people worldwide, there was a similar internet service in South Korea that connected people’s own pages to each other within an organized system, called The pages were designed as rather compact “mini” pages, with basic menus for posts, photos, diary entries, drawn pictures and visitor messages. There were also ways to purchase items including licensed music files of different genres, to make your own page look and sound more attractive.

A lot of people (who were probably very conscious of others in any case) started becoming obsessed with not how their pages were actually used, but with how they could appear to other (mostly unknown) people through their pages. Eventually there were too many side effects that were negative, and people got tired of pretending to be someone else or being disappointed in a person they only knew through a web page. This was the main difference between this system, which is now used only by people who use it for private use without revealing their page to anyone, and It functioned to link people who already knew each other, but it was serviced in a culture where a lot of people were interested in getting to know total strangers. This is partly due to the smaller size of the country and the very intense concentration of the young population in the capital city, Seoul. I would also carefully add that being over-conscious of others’ opinions is another feature of the society.

The very reasons that made people become almost addicted to their web pages on were the same as the ones that made them gradually keep away. People who advertised themselves with very flattering photographs, less-than-true stories about their backgrounds, or people who were not really lying but were too intent on trying to make others notice them, all got tired of doing it. But when they were actively using the platform, one of the common objectives of these people was to draw a lot of visitors. Some people who had become “famous” through their personal web pages used to have tens of thousands of visitors a day. Unfortunately for them, with that many people come the most unwelcome guests, who point out that they are real acquaintances of the owner of the web page, which they think is a fraud; some people were criticized for having distorted information about themselves, some people were commented upon for having plastic surgery. Because of all the exposure, even the very private lives that should have been kept private were dragged in the mud, though nobody can really be blamed more than others.

Drawing a lot of people isn’t always helpful because they are not there to help you achieve your goals of keeping up your website. Having a lot of visitors when you are not one of those vain attention seekers is probably not harmful, but you want to achieve some goals with your website. You want to attract the right kind of people for your purpose, be it business or news writing. For the right strategies in drawing the people you want, find santa barbara seo information.

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