Managed DNS hosting is one thing that can benefit small and large companies, although it is often overlooked in favor of the more popular alternatives, such as in the case of Infrastructure as a Service. The latter is a preferred choice because it offers agility, flexibility, and cheap costs, for many businesses all over the globe. Nonetheless, it pays to take a look at how managed DNS could give the competition a run, given the fact that it also has its respective benefits, including those that will be further discussed in the rest of this article. These benefits are only a quick look at what managed DNS hosting can do. You can research online for a more comprehensive outlook at its advantages and be convinced to use it as well.

Complete Freedom

Especially for enterprise clients, there is a need to exercise control over the best DNS Records that they are using, which will make it possible for their website to provide the best experience to its users all over the globe. This makes managed DNS hosting a viable alternative basically because of its ability to give administrators the opportunity to have comprehensive control with their domain name records.


When functioning in an online environment, security is often a major concern because of being prone into being accessed by unauthorized users. There are also DNS attacks that can happen and that are beyond your control, especially given your lack of technical knowledge and expertise. With this, you can benefit from using the services of a DNS host because they are most likely equipped with the resources needed to take security to a higher level. They have a team of professionals who can give you peace of mind with regards to how the link between your site and the world will not suffer from a variety of security breaches.

Ease of Use

Although this is a commonly cited benefit for managed DNS hosting, this is most probably going to be dependent on the host you will choose. Provided that you have made the right choice, you can enjoy an intuitive control panel, which is easy and effortless to navigate. This will provide you as well with the opportunity to master your own domain in no time. Regardless of your location, you will be able to manage the domains of your websites in a manner that is almost effortless on your part.

Quick Propagation of Records

In some instances, once there are modifications made on your DNS records, it will most likely take about two days before the alterations can take effect and propagate on the system. On the other hand, with managed DNS hosting, they can be propagated in a manner that is quicker, which will again depend on the host you will be choosing. Because the propagation happens at a significantly faster pace, all of the changes will be seen the soonest and you no longer have to wait for a period of 48 hours.

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