Computers are without a doubt very complicated machines. In order for them to run properly, the computer’s hardware and the software that governs these parts must be in sync to ensure that the computer is running smoothly and at the highest performance possible.

Connecting to the internet brings about numerous complications to the whole computer system. The computer that you will be using will now need to communicate with the servers of the different websites that you will be visiting. To put into perspective the scope of complexity that this function has, your computer, along with thousands or possibly millions of other computers will be connecting to the same website, going through the same route of servers and connections that your computer’s data query will be passing through. Due to the scale of the internet, there has to be something that makes every machine on the internet unique, to ensure that the proper data that is uploaded or download is given to their respective recipients.

It is the IP Address’ function to be a unique identifier of each and every machine that is connected to the internet, which is why it is so important. If computers had no unique IP addresses, the internet will most definitely be in disarray, and it will not be the fast and efficient source of information that we know today.

When setting up your computer to connect the internet then or maybe if you are setting up a network of devices that you will be using inside your house, it is extremely helpful that you know what is my IP address are, or at least know how to be able to see them. Although one may argue that computer and smartphone operating systems nowadays are very efficient at assigning unique IP addresses to individual devices, should any conflicts or problems regarding the internet correction arise, there are numerous cases where it is actually the IP address that is the source of the problem.

If you do not want to have to go through the numerous network settings that your computer has just for you to see what your IP address is, then an easy and efficient alternative to knowing your IP address would be IP detection websites like

With the website, no longer will you need to go to your computer’s network settings and going through different menus, button presses and clicks just to see your IP address; it is just a matter of going to the website and your IP address will be displayed automatically.

Servers of the website that you visit identify a computer’s IP address before allowing it to access data. is configured in such a way that it will display the IP address that the website’s server detects as you log on to it.

Not only is the an easy way to determine your own machine’s IP address, but you can also use it to gain more information regarding other IP addresses with its IP Address Lookup function. Should you need location information of a certain IP address, all you need to do is input the IP address on the field required and will instantly display specific IP address information.

With, all of your IP address queries and conflicts will definitely be easily resolved.

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